[Announcement] New Mindfulness Training Dates Announced

Have you heard about the new Mindful Student™ Training this November and December in KY and WA state?

Learn how to teach a comprehensive mindfulness program in your K-12 setting with 20 lesson plans and experiencing over 40 mindfulness activities to support the heart, mind and body of the whole child.

The first 20 people who register for our newest training receive $100 off when using the COUPON CODE: WELLNESSWARRIOR. 


Dates: November 4: Bowling Green, KY | December 2: Olympia, WA

Investment: $297 ($197 with promo code)

Register Here: https://www.generation-wellness.com/store/tXgPLCLs

[Article] Social-Emotional Learning Has Long-Lasting Positive Effects on Students

[Source: Education Week]

Programs that teach students how to recognize their emotions, solve problems, and form healthy relationships may continue to show positive benefits for students months, or even years, after they complete them, a new meta-analysis finds. 

Students who completed social-emotional learning interventions fared better than their peers who didn't participate on a variety of indicators—including academic performance, social skills, and avoiding negative behaviors like drug use, finds the analysis, which examined follow-up data from dozens of published studies on specific interventions.

The meta-analysis builds on previous research that found social-emotional learning participants outperformed their peers academically. That research is frequently cited by policymakers and educational leaders who are seeking to promote social-emotional learning programs, through which schools teach students about emotions, relationships, and...

[Article] Happy Teachers Practice Self-Care

Secure your own oxygen mask first before assisting children.

That saying aboard planes has resonated with Danna Thomas, a kindergarten teacher in Baltimore who founded a teacher-support group called Happy Teacher Revolution.

"We can't be there in our fullest capacity to teach kids if we're not in our fullest capacity ourselves," she said. "No matter how strong your lesson is, ... it could all be perfect, but I personally cannot deliver a lesson to the best of my ability if I don’t get a full night's rest, if I don't eat on my lunch break."

Every Friday during this past school year (and once a month beginning next school year), around a dozen teachers from multiple school districts attend Happy Teacher Revolution meetings in downtown Baltimore, where they have a moment of mindfulness or guided meditation. Sometimes, they try yoga or aromatherapy.


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